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The Trojan War
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This community is designed for fans of Homer's epic poems, The Iliad and The Odyssey, and anything at all that's related-- films, other works from the epic cycle, things dealing with the gods, Bronze Age finds in classical archeology, etc. Intellectual questions and discussion are welcome here, as is fan art, fanfiction, and fan poetry. You name it! Links to nice webpages and pictures are great things to share, as are your thoughts, random musings, whatever. Feel free to drool over Orlando Bloom or Brad Pitt from the Troy movie, or whatever else; formality isn't necessary, though coherence is appreciated. Join in on the madness! =P

1. Decidedly off topic posts are not welcome; no one cares if you had a burger for lunch, well, unless you drew Achilles on your bread with a spork and want to show off a picture of it.

2. Fanwork: Please place any long writings or extra large images inside an LJ cut- if you do not know how to make an LJ cut, check the LJ FAQ or ask! It's suggested, but not necessary, that writings be posted with a standard movie rating (G, PG, PG13, R, NC17) and a mention of what characters are involved.

3. Any member that repeatedly submits completely off topic posts or mistreats other members (ie. journal bashing, et cetera) may be banned from the community. You know. Play nice or go home.

And that's it! Your moderator is ashakiran. Please contact her via an AIM to SilverStarhealer, or email to ibicella@gmail.com if you have any problems.