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Miles Steadfast

Troy the Movie

I recently saw the film Troy:

Is it pretty accurate to the text? I've never read it, so I was curious. I know the basic plot with Helen and the horse, but as for details and deaths, I was unsure.

Do you think the actors portrayed the characters well? I thought Eric Bana was great, but I don't know what Hector was like. They could have done better without Brad Pitt or Orlando Bloom.

What did you think of their British accents? Did it bother anyone else?
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I'm surprised that no one else has commented yet. No, it's nothing like the text. Read back in this community and you will find some lengthy discussion about it. I liked Eric Bana too and he was fairly faithful to the character. It's either British accents or American accents or Australian... OR GREEK! British accents are Hollywood's way of antiquating something.

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Well, that's why I was asking. There's no joke implied.
Nice intelligent response. Really valuable!!!
Sure, it was accurate... if by accurate, you mean "a complete and utter travesty that sins against classical literature."

Check out the back posts... there have been lots of rants, and reviews from people of both opinions...

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I liked Eric Bana 3!
No one should be allowed to see the movie Troy without looking up the REAL STORY either before or after seeing it.
Once upon a time the movie-makers thought that it might be a little too disturbing to the minds of everyone who went to see their movie to watch something where all but a select few of the major characters die, and those who don't are sent into slavery as concubines and servants. So they came up with the idea to invent a secret tunnel that the characters who they decided didn't need to die could escape down. So half the world saw it and thought that Troy was this wonderful little story where it was a little sad at the end, but at least some of the characters were okay. None of them wanted to take the time to see if this was true so the whole world had an inaccurate conception of Homer's Iliad. The End.
Here is a list of some of the other inaccurate details in the movie:
1. Briseis was NOT a priestess of Apollo. That was Chryseis, a captive of Agamemnon whose father also served Apollo. When Chryseis' father said that he would curse the Argives in the name of Apollo if Chrysies was not returned to him, Agamemnon had to give her up. But he took Briseis from Achilles so that he would still have a concubine.
2. Achilles died long before Troy's fall.
3. Priam had a wife, though you didn't get that in the movie. Her name was Hecuba.
4. Paris did not crawl on his hands and knees back to Hector after his duel with Menalaus. Aphrodite saved him by casting a magical sea-fog over the battlefield and transporting Paris back into the palace.
5. The gods and goddesses were a very important part of the war of Troy.
And numerous other details that I'll ignore for now. The bottom line is that Troy is not an accurate portrayal of the Iliad. Notice that in the credits it says INSPIRED by Homer's Iliad.
It's a movie! Everybody on this list is completely overeacting. You can't follow the book exactly... it would cost too much with all the affects of the gods and goddesses, plus the cost of hiring more actors for the roles. They have to make the movie more interesting, that's why Achilles died in the final battle. It sounds like some of you haven't even read the book...


May 17 2005, 00:21:15 UTC 11 years ago

i think u r going in to dis to much. come on pplz it a MOVIE, come on would u watch a movie with gods and goddess comin from everywhere.
i didnt notcie any accent and i think brad pitt and orloando did great but i Like Erica Bana better.
relax everyone its just a movie
Yes, I must admit that I was completely and utterly disgusted with "Troy" when I first saw it because it was sooo not right. The story had been very badly mutilated. It was as if the book was torn apart and put back together again with tape by a 5 year old, who then handed it off to some Hollywood producer, who decided to turn this mangled work into a movie that would influence most of the world that had no idea of the actual story to believe that such an atrocity was correct. Okay, so I'm still a little bit bitter, but I've made my peace by accepting that it is after all, JUST a movie. It can't be helped. It's what Hollywood does. Heck, take a look at Disney's version of "Snow White" and then the actual story...WAY off. So all in all, accurate? No. Should you dwell on it? No, it's only a movie. And yes, Eric Bana was wonderful. ^_^ And I quite like the picture that the movie painted of Orlando Bloom being a total coward. ^_^ Very refreshing because I don't like him all that much. Hahaha.
sooooooooooooo inaccurate
the biggest travesty was not following the illiad text re brad pitt's achilles.
as achilles was dragging hector's dead body around the walls of troy,paris shot him with an arrow to the heel,his only weakness ,and killed him.
hollywood could not bear or dare to kill brad pitt in the second reel,but that's the way it was written by
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