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Fifty shades of Dave

Iambic Pentameter

I recently got me thinking about poetry, and to realised that whilst everyone talks about Iambic Pentameter, I, like most people, hadn’t a clue what it was. So I looked it up, and found out that it’s a poetical form with five Iambs to the line.
Which probably means little enough to you, end even less to me. However, not to be downhearted I persevered and learned more and, with a confident spring, I decided to test my newfound knowledge and write some Iambic Pentameter. Picking randomly for a subject, I struck upon Troy and the Iliad. It was the first thing into my head, and all that demonstrates is that my subconscious really doesn’t like me.
Still, not bad for a first effort, I think. Opens well and gets weaker, but I’m quite pleased.

The song of Agamemnon and Achilles.

I called your name and asked your trust in war
I sang of long forgot allegiance mine
You took your sword and gave your word to me
But I was not to be denied in love
And took to bed Briseis your concubine
Then Gods avenged on me the theft of thine
Honour’s just claws demand a price be paid
And Zeus withholds his spear from us until
Demands of sullied honour are obeyed

To raise the anger of our men and set
Their spears at foemans armoured breast I gave
The call that all may leave. In hope that brave
Aegean men have steel inside their hearts
Reject my words and press the fight instead.
Flying war, seeking home they turned their ships
Towards the distant shore of Greece and fled
But stood forth brave Odysseus who cried for peace
And told the tale of ten long years of war.

Twenty lines is quite enough of that,/i>, thank you very much.
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