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And a newbie veritably obsessed with the War, as anybody I know will tell you...

My favorite character being, (again, as anybody I know will tell you) Cassandra. Why? Because...she's one of the few intelligent heroines of Greek myth, ranking right up there with Medea and Penelope.

I really didn't like the Brad Pitt movie. I mean, yeah, I watched it for the second time (for the hell of it) a few days ago. And to be fair, it wasn't as awful as I'd originally thought it...but my main gripe is that Paris doesn't die. I mean, he should. They kill Hector, but they don't kill Paris? Come on! But, yes, I won't go there.

I'm currently in the process of writing a libretto for a musical about Cassandra. I haven't updated since the death of Patroclus, but I'm planning to finish the entire thing within the week...but what I have so far is here.

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