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Hunting for Resources

I'm working on a piece of historical fiction that takes place during the late Bronze age (1300-1200 BC), in the area around the Black Sea (Turkey, the Caucasus Mountains, and the Volga river regions specifically). I'm fishing around for good books and resources to reconstruct (what I think) it would have been like at the time. Any suggestions?

I specifically need resources (books, magazine articles, websites) that discuss: pre-Scythian cultures and people in the Black Sea region, archeology from that time period (what objects were left behind by the people there), trade in the region, Mycenaean culture, Troy, and the Trojan war. Texts that discuss women would be very helpful too! :)

Sources I already have gotten my paws on, just FYI:
The Iliad
The World of the Scythians, Renate Rolle
Herodotus: The Histories


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